Christmas is Coming

It was winter when the angels announced the coming of the Lord. Satellite signals flashed across the globe as family and friends started to come together to celebrate the season with food, laughter and music. To go to Church together, and to enjoy each others company.
Breakfast was always at Mary’s manger. Many of their childhood memories that revolve around Christmas began to swirl as the season commenced and the magical colours, lights, smells and excitement associated with it grew. Hearts grew tender with childhood memories and love of kindred,for having in spirit become a child again at Christmas-time. Mary was busy tending to her born, to want them enjoy Christmas, to make it special. She did so much to welcome the Saviour. Joseph was there by her side to do her biding. He had spent what he had in greeting the king, who never came with any Gold, Myrrh or Frankincense.They gathered together in the hope of better family bonding and to get back to where they came from and tell friends about the wonderful times they had. If the new tradition was to spend Christmas with just your spouse, so be it. Mary and Joseph had their chance to create their memories, maybe now it’s their turn.Joseph was tired, time to get real.He had burnt all his logs to keep the home fires burning. They all returned to their nest.The season was winter. The season was about family.The chill winds blew on his face, as he thought, it’s important to compromise a little to satisfy the needs of others in the family.


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