End of a journey

She was Moses. 80 years of being Moses. For the past 50 years she led them through the desert on their journey to the chosen land, and now this upstart, had the temerity to speak about the alternate way to the Promised Land. Her hegemony was under challenge. What better way than to ensure this young lad leaves the caravan and discover his own journey in the desert.   mos
Ralph had recently joined the caravan. It was rumored they were all escaping slavery of another kind.  He too managed his escape from the mundane to enter this esoteric world of travelers. Although none were known to him, gradually he began making friends with members of the troupe as they trudged along night after night.
All were at rest after a long and arduous journey, as he lay his head on the sand and felt an object. He dug in the silence of the night, and soon found a compass of the lost civilization.
At daybreak he tried using it and soon learnt how to help others find their way with its help. Until then, Moses was the only one; the chosen one who would guide and all had to follow her instructions. Now when it came to light, that a few thought they knew the way ahead, this upset Moses .  How could her leadership be challenged. She had to keep her fold intact. The only way was to expel this lad, and ensure there would be No further disgruntling.


About rproy

Writing has been my Passion like Painting,Photography and the other Fine Arts.Engineering has been a necessity and Medicine a fulfillment.
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