The Jingle

Product: Body Soap
The product was selling well in the urban areas and countryside. But the Management needed l1higher sales to ensure growth. Those were the days when music was king. Sales suggested they compose a jingle for their product. A jingle it was, that caught everyone’s imagination. It was in the latter part of the last century when he had first heard  the jingle. Creative music was at its peak and products attracted better viewership and sales based on the jingles wrote.  

Product: A New way of Life
2ooo years earlier he preached about the countryside. He was on a mission to reform the lost tribe. Love was his message. The way they had to keep the commandments were his parables. l2Three long years he spoke to them of  God and the way of Life. Volumes were conveyed. As his end drew near, he wished they remembered his words and teachings. As he dined with them the night before crucifixion he wanted them to remember the night, when in their service he washed their feet , and asked them to do likewise.  

The jingles were now being lisped by all and sundry. Whether they had the soap in hand or not, they sang the jingle, and as they got off the wash room assumed they had cleansed themselves.

The preaching of the past 3 years, the washing of the feet as a symbol of the service they were committed to was relegated to the background. Remembering only the supper, was like singing the jingle without the real product in hand while taking the wash.


About rproy

Writing has been my Passion like Painting,Photography and the other Fine Arts.Engineering has been a necessity and Medicine a fulfillment.
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