The Butterfly Effect..

Perhaps you have heard of it earlier. The term was coined as an example of a hurricane being caused by the flapping of a butterfly’s wings…………………….. The Butterfly effect.

It was 4.00 am when the bell rang. Nudged by his wife, he rose to collect the call. It was then he heard the loud sobs. Was it a bad dream. Little did she realize the time, for it was 8.30 am in Canberra-Australia when she called.
Let the idea sink in, unless you want to be victim of this effect

They were neighbors at their very own El-Dorado. Her husband and he were good friends. They met every other evening for a draught of chilled beer. The weather was perpetually hot, and the cool drink was a refreshing way to start the evening. A watch of the belly dance and then both were homeward bound. This was their routine for a decade. 
The families grew bigger and older with time. And then she took the call.
Let me say I have seen actions done at the time with a little thought given beyond the moment that developed into something for which ‘Hurricane’ would be an appropriate analogy.

She insisted they move to Canberra. Her best friend and colleagues were there. She was informed of their lifestyle, the wide expanse of green, and the ever pleasant weather.
It is these small decisions, the actions we barely take notice of that we should give thought to their future ramifications.

When they next met at the Pub on being told of their plans, he asked him of his aged parents. Who would tend to them?
Nobody can predict the future with accuracy. But it is worth noting the effects of their action.

In response he was told he had a commitment to his kids. Here like in India, Education was nothing much to speak of. Canberra was their future. And he ended by saying when the time comes he would migrate his parents too. So that worry ticked off.
Only Time can Tell.
They moved to Canberra after which communication ceased. They were busy settling at their new abode. Houses kept changing hands until they found one they liked. This was nearer to a township with Indian migrants. They felt at home. They wanted to be surrounded by their own in a strange land.  

To put it simply, every action has its consequences….. and sometimes even inaction facilitates a consequence. Of course Actions produce results… that’s the nature of life… reaction is definite. 

Another decade went by and then the bomb fell. Their only son walked out on them. They were shell shocked at the development. Never knew what hit them. He walked out of home with a new found man friend. He wanted to lead life on his terms and have nothing of them. She could think of no one to turn to at this hour and then she called. It was 4.00am…….

Not a new revelation. Just a reminder that our decisions can sometimes cascade like the Butterfly effect.


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Writing has been my Passion like Painting,Photography and the other Fine Arts.Engineering has been a necessity and Medicine a fulfillment.
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