The Devil’s Workshop

Dhunn and Prakash were married as was her need. It was only after her entry into the family, that equations in the family began to change.

Ram saw through the Games she played, using his son as the Trojan. Lies and Deception came all too easily to her, in a way that others wouldn’t know the difference between Truth and False.

One morning, Ram was on his way to fetch their daily bread, when Prakash opted to join his dad, and a moment later Dhunn too was in their company.

As they stood in line waiting to be served, Dhunn saw a fly whizzing above the sweets, wanting to seat aloft the Jalebis.

Conversing with Prakash and Ram, she said ‘These Flies spread Disease,’ and gave it a Smack with the Daily News she had at hand.

This got the fly stuck to the wall. It did not die, but got stuck in its own mix, and began to wriggle.

This was what the Lizard sitting on the Post saw.

The line of morning clients moved slowly, and in line was Mr Kishen with Bruno- his Alsatian.

Pussy the shop keepers pet cat, strolled by as was her morning routine. She purred as she brushed past the legs of those in line, until she saw Bruno and retreated. Bruno likewise, cocked his ears when Pussy passed by.

As was her habit, Pussy glazed at the ceiling and  saw the lizard move in quiet movements. She did not know why Liz was in slow motion, but thought she could be good breakfast. Her tail stood erect. Sensing trouble, Bruno too got into Attention. Liz Never knew the fly was in Status Quo.

As Liz got close enough, she knew it was Now or Never, and darted her tongue to grasp the Fly on the Wall.

Pussy knew this was the moment she waited for, and leapt for Liz. Bruno followed as if to catch Pussy in mid-air.

The leash he was hooked on, panned across the plate that held the sweets.

Before anyone could react, the plate was air borne and with it the sweets, flying in all direction.

The enraged shop keeper got into an heated argument with Mr Kishen, and in the ensuing melee stabbed him. Soon one could hear the sirens wailing. The Ambulance and Cops were on their way.

Ram asked Dhunn why she did what she did. She thought she did a Good Act by Swapping at the Fly.

Ram said, ‘ You should have either killed the Fly or Let it fly away.’ Leaving it the way you did, caused a series of actions, leading to the Death of an Innocent. Dhunn took umbrage of this and told Prakash,
‘ This is how I always get blamed by your dad.’

Ram was shocked by the way she spoke, and wondered why her mind was

‘The Devil’s Workshop’



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Writing has been my Passion like Painting,Photography and the other Fine Arts.Engineering has been a necessity and Medicine a fulfillment.
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