Crystal Chandelier………

Paul reminded of an incident missed in my last blog. Sorry for that. Did not think I would forget it. Had to get back. So here goes “……..”

The Ship flashed an ‘SOS’ after having developed a major crack and was on the verge of being abandoned. As Foreman of the Boatyard, Ralph was asked to help. He left for the High Seas with his team, where he got sand bags laid at the other end of the ship. This idea ensured the better half of the ship weighed down and the cracked area surfaced, helping the welders seal the crack.

The Englishman appreciated the way the problem was resolved and presented Ralph a ‘Crystal Chandelier’ in recognition of his problem solving skills. Ralph handed the Chandelier to his first son – Tom.


The following Sunday, Ralph decided to visit Tom and see how the Chandelier enhanced Tom’s home. At the gate, he was told Tom was busy entertaining guests and would see him soon. The wait seemed endless as no one bothered to attend to Ralph now seated at the portico. Upset at being ignored for long, Ralph struck the Chandelier with his walking stick. There was an ominous noise as Ralph moved towards the exit and the chandelier came crashing down and shattered on the marble floor.

The sound of breaking glass reverberated through the entire house. Tom heard the noise and hurried to see what had happened. Stunned guests lingered at the edge of the hall staring at a sea of smashed crystal. Slivers of glass scattered into every corner. Ralph saw Vera appear followed by others. From the gallery above the hall children playfully gazed down onto the glinting shards. The carcass of the chandelier lay inert on the floor, with coloured lights shimmering through its prisms in a show of pointless magic. The glass crunched underfoot, and tinkled when brushed away.
Vera was unnerved by the broken chandelier. She took it as a sign of the crash she planned in Tom’s family. She got Tom show Ralph the Gate. It was here a heated argument got started between father and son and in the heat of the moment Tom asked Ralph ‘not to step in again and he would next see him at his grave’.  ‘Veronica’s‘ now seemed a reality. 


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Writing has been my Passion like Painting,Photography and the other Fine Arts.Engineering has been a necessity and Medicine a fulfillment.
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