The Sacrifice………

It was the guilt of the man that kept troubling him?
He tried to sleep, but sleep came not. Weeks turned to Months. Sleeplessness was now his way of life.
Although in thought, he knew he had challenged the creator and it was this thought that troubled him.
How was he to recompense for the challenge he threw to the lord.
How could he get back his sleep?
Sacrifices at the altar were the order of the day.ab
Would a sacrifice be good enough?
What if he proposes to sacrifice himself in retribution?
Would he get his peace with the lord?
What if his sacrifice was accepted?
That would be the end of his lifetime. Not a Good idea.
Maybe he could rework the offer.
He could sacrifice what/whom he loved the most.
He told his family of his plans to render an offering to the lord, as a cure to his state of mind. Came dawn and with him marched his son as help. He traversed the plains until he arrived at a lonely spot.
He loved his son the most. His son could be his sacrifice. Wait. What if his son died in the process?
He knew his wife could bear him no further progeny? That would then be the end of his lineage. He decided to rework his offer.  He picked a lamb that was part of his retinue. He would sacrifice this lamb, symbolic of his submission.
He wanted the lord to accept this as his sacrifice and promised to never ever challenge his creator again.

Do we make such sacrifices today…


About rproy

Writing has been my Passion like Painting,Photography and the other Fine Arts.Engineering has been a necessity and Medicine a fulfillment.
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