What’s in a Name….

The year he was born, his maternal grandmother wanted to name him after her late husband. But his father would have none of it. There was a learned Lawyer in their neighbourhood who commanded the respect of all. His father had said, should I have a son this will be his name; and so it was.

He was enrolled for primary education. On the form was to be mentioned his Name-Father’s name-Surname. This was the norm. Seven years later the state was in a boil. ‘Son of the Soil’ was the theory floated all around. His surname was a definite give away as not of the soil. What better way to avoid conflict than let it be quietly erased.

Now it was his Name and Father’s name only. His Father’s name caught attention of his Teachers and Classmates because of an unintended pun. He spent his High School years being called by a name which was his Father’s-pun intended. He entered University and the pun followed. It was here that fate struck. He stood as a candidate for College elections under a new name and won. This name got him fame and fortune as he traveled continents under this new name. The name he was christened with was lost long before it was established.

Now sitting forlorn as he rested on the armchair having retired from active life, he was informed of his son’s decision to take his christened name as his Surname. A name that was nowhere in the annals suddenly became the New Surname, the New Cornerstone.



About rproy

Writing has been my Passion like Painting,Photography and the other Fine Arts.Engineering has been a necessity and Medicine a fulfillment.
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