Blood in my Path……

20 BC. The Emperor was to abdicate, and the heir to the Throne would be the winner of the race to be held at the Amphitheatre. The Emperor fiddled, the City was on fire, the race was declared open. While many chose to ride the steed, “Inavda” the favourite chose to ride the chariot. Unaware that the race was to be only on the tracks within the stadium, he exited the stadia and roared into the streets. Seeing the crowds, the horses went berserk and ran into them. The death toll rose, he lost the race………………………
2000 years later he was in his chariot as he rode the last lap. He thought Victory was now in his grasp. No one could deny him the throne any longer, as he drove southeast to the tip and then Northeast, the hidden path of V for Victory was there for the world to see. Being denied the throne all these years, he thought the better way was to spew hatred as he trudged along. This would ensure he had the backing of his people and have the Empress step down and hand him the throne. He arrived at an old defunct institution. As a sign of his arrival his followers brought it down to make place for him. The damage had been done. The Death toll rose……………again he lost the race. The country since then swept in a whirlpool of terror is under siege as major divisions were created between sections of the population. Now there is ……………..Blood in my Path



About rproy

Writing has been my Passion like Painting,Photography and the other Fine Arts.Engineering has been a necessity and Medicine a fulfillment.
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