And then there was none……….

It was the day after……… He rose at dawn, dressed impeccably as he got ready for the day, when he was greeted by his wife. She wondered where he was off to at the break of dawn.‘Work’ he shot back for all to hear. But yesterday was your last day they exclaimed.  no, nO…..NO……………… They still need me. There is a lot more that needs to be done. I have miles to go before I call it quits.The car stood at the driveway as the chauffer drove him to where the Factory was. The gates now visible in the distance – Shut, waiting for him to arrive. His entire team was there as always in the shadows. As his car drew closer the gates seemed to magically open, and another car zipped past. He saw the new President drive down. His entire team was waiting for him he thought, as they ran behind the new designate.He knew he should not enter, he had to turn back. He had nowhere to go, never prepared for this day. His chaperones and cronies crowded the new prince. His team was never his.He realised he was alone in this journey, till yesterday he had a team. ………and now there was none.



About rproy

Writing has been my Passion like Painting,Photography and the other Fine Arts.Engineering has been a necessity and Medicine a fulfillment.
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