Darkness at Noon……..

He was the President of the Organization. A couple of hand phones juggled for his ear, as he kept issuing instructions on what needed to be done. Everyone craved for his attention; Documents at his desk awaiting signature. Seated at the 36th floor, he stared out of the window into the wide expanse. Having lived through a few rental homes, before deciding to own one, life was a giant Merry-go-round with family and friends all through the year. He had plenty of bumpy roads, hills, and valleys all worth it.

And then she called to wish him. Today was the date. Never knew how time flew. The party was all arranged. Together they shouted aloud for the world to hear “Happy Birthday” He got a bit sentimental with his ‘Thank You’ speech. Most co workers became friends in the last leg of the race. As all left for home, he knew what forty years of service meant. He had been talking about how his classmates were quitting their jobs and traveling and what not.  He would often say “I’m still not in that boat because I will die with my boots on”.

The Chairman called him aside, and after the Greetings wished him well in the days ahead, as he gave him the Golden handshake. He knew it was coming, but not on the very day he crossed the threshold. He understood it was necessary for the company to have a young leader, and he had to move on. He always said “Age is a Number” and they knew he would soon be a Grandfather, which was a bigger number.

Today felt like a thankless landmark. He was at the peak of his career, so full of knowledge on subjects the Industry would want to hear. He wondered ….…..‘Why this darkness at Noon’.



About rproy

Writing has been my Passion like Painting,Photography and the other Fine Arts.Engineering has been a necessity and Medicine a fulfillment.
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