Nobody belongs to Anybody……..

shravShravan Kumar belonged to the time of Dashratha. Born of poor parents, who had nurtured him remarkably well, he bore sincere love and respect for them. He worked hard to make his parents comfortable and happy.

One day his parents expressed a desire to set forth on a pilgrimage to the holy places.Transport being costly, Shravan decided to place his parents in two baskets, and carry them on his shoulder with a basket held at either end of a stick. Thus Shravan set forth on his pilgrimage.

That night as they rested, Shravan had his parents lie down beside him, with a soft cushion beneath their head. Not carrying an extra cushion, he asked his father not to worry as he would use his forearm to rest his head on. As the night slept through, his father awoke. He looked around to see if his family slept in comfort. He was aghast to see Shravan’s head rest on the rock and his arm aside.Not wanting to disturb, his father let it be. The following morning as they arose for the onward journey, the father told Shravan what he had seen the previous night.

This incident bears out, even as it underlines the eternal truth – ” No one will support you through Life.” When one’s arm refuses to support one’s own head and be burdened, why will another be willing to support you or carry your burden”.


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Writing has been my Passion like Painting,Photography and the other Fine Arts.Engineering has been a necessity and Medicine a fulfillment.
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